Covid Protocole signed before visit Visits will take place only on SUNDAYS 13:00 h to 17:00 h Mortgage preapproval will be send to me before visits 48 hours notice Offers will be presented Tuesday evening 19:00 h so I must have them in my email box before 17:00 on Tuesday Thanks.

This residence is rented to University students, so visits will take place only on Sundays from 13:00 h to 17:00 hours , appointments will have to be scheduled 48 hours in advance because of Covid 19 also.
Compulsory Preapproval of mortgage before visiting and will be given to the listing brokers before visiting.
Remember we are in a pandemy, no muiltiple visits by same customers: initial visit and inspection's if accepted offer
inspector and 1 buyer will be present at the inspection
The broker will have you signed the Covid 19 protocole before visiting.
It is compulsory to wear a mask , we will supply the hands desinfectant going in and coming out.
the visitors will not touch anything; ask the broker if you want to open something

Before visiting the residence you will sign the Covid 19 Protocole and your broker will send it to me

Parking in the backyard FOUR
Roof about 2010
hot water thank about 2009
Based on the declaration of the Seller Modifications and renovations:
Roof -Bathrooms - KKitchen - Fllors - Door -
front stairway redone
Changed water entrance

. Les poeles, foyers et cheminées sont vendus sans garantie quant à
leur conformité. à la réglementation applicable ainsi qu'aux exigences imposées par les compagnies d'assurances.

ON THE ROLE ÉVALUATION FONCIÈRE DE MONTREAL IT SAYs 3x I am waiting for info from Montreal Urbanism

Inclusions:  each unit has: stove, fridge , washer-dryer, dishwasher, microwave, central vacuum , 3 hot water thanks(total) some furniture included which will be confirmed with accepted offer , when all the conditions of the accepted offer will be waived
Exclusions:  Some furniture to be specified when all the conditions of the accepted offer will have been waived

Area Map